About Us

Company Overview

Bakosh Solutions was established as a private limited company in 2019.

Our purpose is to equip the community ladies with sewing skills and to provide the conference industry with bags that are made by these communities. By equipping the community ladies with self-sustaining sewing skills we help them to raise the standard of living, create employment, to reduce woman and child abuse by making the ladies depend on themselves.

Our model is to equip the women with skill that they can independently use to sustain themselves. We also believe in the preservation of our resources for the next generation, therefore we use plastic bottles recycled material and all the offcuts are used to make table mates and cover beds.

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Social impact

In many township communities, women are left vulnerable and depend on handouts. Bakosh Solutions help them to realize their self-importance by equipping them with lifetime skills that will benefit them even after employment.

Bakosh solutions’ operations is benefiting many families. They are able to take care of their house groceries and sending their children to school. By equipping women, eventually they will depend on themselves and it will directly reduce the level of woman and child abuse in our communities.


The success of our organization depends on the cooperation and unit of our members. Bokosh was established by experienced members who worked in the textile industry for many years. We have a high rate of customer satisfaction and we continue to improve.

Our Delivery

We have the capacity of delivering all over South Africa and international, using reliable and well-established shipping courier companies.